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Ray the Unicorn

Ray the Unicorn is an original character created for Spectrum LGBTQ & Ally Employee Resource Group of Notre Dame launched in late 2016. Membership is wholly voluntary and open to all employees of the University who identify as LGBTQ, an Ally, or are otherwise interested in and supportive of the community.

Spectrum's mission statement: Spectrum LGBTQ+ & Ally Employee Resource Group aims to create an open and safe space for LGBTQ+ staff to meet, share fellowship, and join in the work to create an inclusive culture of acceptance, dignity, and respect for all LGBTQ+ persons at Notre Dame. It serves as a resource for LGBTQ+ identified employees to express themselves and access the various resources available to them through the University and Human Resources. Additionally, our mission is to ensure the safety, well-being, equal and fair treatment, and access to opportunity that every other person at Notre Dame receives, so that we may do our best work in service of the University's mission

Ray is a bi-monthly comic strip created to educate employees on how to handle in office situations regarding LGBTQIA situations. Its like if the Kool-aide person was out and proud ;)

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