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Technology help is what they do. Kokua is a Hawaiian word that embodies a holistic helping spirit. Unlike the typical technology company, their Tech Kahunas operate in teams, not tiers; they start with the person that is the expert, rather than wait until the problem escalates. Regardless of how talented their Tech Kahunas are, how great our services are, or how perfectly on target our solutions are, if they don’t show up, it doesn’t matter.

Our tools enable us to work remotely without forcing you or your co-workers to stop using their machines. When we fix a problem or do preventative maintenance without impacting your work day, we do a little hula dance of joy.

Kokua Is a Hawaiian, hula dancing bad tech fighting super hero, There to "Help you surf safely." Created and developed by me and some of the reps over at Kokua Technologies. These illustrations are used in marketing and promo material. Individual logo's and character art with monthly comic pages; featuring Kokua and some of the BAD TECH TIKI members: Mal(ware), Cyrus the Virus, Ivan Spy, and more! 

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